TOP wood application in design


 With the continuously improving the living environment, to advocate natural, recover one's original simplicity thinking is becoming more and more obvious, the people hope in a variety of decorative more use of wood, there is an urgent need for a high environmental protection but also a variety of wood materials, ecological wood wood can be used in indoor and outdoor wall surface, floor, particularly suitable for square, park, leisure and moist environment, the following details about the ecological wood wood and related application:

1 ecological wood wood wall panels
Ecological Kiuchi wall decorative plate series, with an indoor wooden decorative board installation of all properties, and does not contain formaldehyde is a green environmental protection material, has passed the national environmental protection departments of detection, completely solve the decoration pollution, toxic gas problem. Decorative wood sense, make the space is full of natural flavor, to create a warm environment of health preservation.
2 ecological wood floor
Internationally regarded as twenty-first Century innovation technology of polymer ecological wood floor, will live healthy and comfortable, fashionable and beautiful, green environmental protection, decoration convenient collection in a body, cut a striking figure by the decoration business and household welcome, become the protagonist of the outdoor decoration. Ecological wood floor and good performance, moisture resistant, acid and alkali resistance, tasteless, antifungal, antistatic, mothproof, paint, not only in home furnishing, also used in some public places.
3 ecological wood-plastic garden matching
Ecological wood wood plastic, used in garden occupies an important position. Ecological wood wood with quick assembling structure, installation time saving and labor saving, can be supported by rich colors. The product has lifelike wood, and water resistant to rot, mothproof mold, noise insulation, thermal insulation flame retardant, environmental protection and other characteristics, completely waterproof in water environment is wonderful, has an excellent decorative and practical.
This is the ecological wood-plastic decoration in the use of the simple introduction. As a kind of new environmental protection ecological wood materials, decorative building materials industry to bring the new opportunity, because the ecological wood material production and using process of low carbon, to meet the requirements of sustainable development, is the future development of the mainstream and direction. In reinforced concrete age, extension of wood-plastic application space creation the most perfect results, then embarked on a out of the ordinary road, refined pursuit our simple space.