TOP wood floor industry leading SGS standard


 Why is the wooden floor of the market there will be so many standard? Because the floor industry homogenization serious competition, manufacturers and dealers in order to gain market share, guarantee profits and marketing behavior.

After years of development, now the flooring industry has become a mature industry, the entire industry technology, low production cost, low threshold, serious homogenization operating causing floor industry confusion. At present, the national flooring manufacturers have more than 2000, all kinds of flooring brand of not less than 4000. Face so big market, manufacturers made environmental protection is the logical thing.
TOP ecological wood exports for many years to strictly enforce the SGS standards from Europe, is widely used in international comparison of formal certification system, more scientific, accurate detection of SGS. Bo for ecological wood upgraded flooring environmental standards, is the company to face the market competition strategy. SGS environmental protection standard carry out, can quickly open and the competition between the distance.
Flooring enterprises are still in the constant pursuit of higher standards. At present, consumers are most concerned about is the wooden floor of the environmental problems, so well-known enterprises to consciously adjust high safety standard line, is the embodiment of enterprise's responsibility consciousness. The market demand for environmental protection increase, will inevitably lead to some small businesses, environmental standards and lower business out of the market. The flooring industry, the market will be more pure.