Wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites (WPC for short) is a kind of fundamental material made of wooden scrap, bamboo scrap, wheal pole, bran, crust of peanut, pole of cotton with some proportion of plastic and with deferent forms. The biggest characteristic: low waterabsorptivity, mould proof, moistureproof, acid and alkaliresistant, insect prevention and ageresistant, ultraviolet resistant, not easy to distort andmay recycle. It can be utilized in different variety of areas,including construction, the making of furniture,home decoration, logistics, packaging,gardening, environmental protection, military, and sports. It can be sawed, digged and drilled, with strong ability of nailholding. Compared to lumber, they are similar in outward appearance and texture, although WPC material do better in wathering resistance and environmental protection. WPC material can be made into all kinds of product according to the users needs.